Welcome to the Shubenacadie River!

Experience the fun and excitement of the power of the highest tides in the world! Relax on the lazy outgoing tide and take in the sites but get ready as the tidal bore makes its way in. The water from the Bay of Fundy gets funneled into the Shubenacadie river to create a surge of water. The front wave of this surge is known as the tidal bore. There are very few places in the world that have a tidal bore and even fewer that can compare in size! After the tidal bore goes by the river reverses direction and starts flowing inland at nearly 30km/hr. It is because of the huge volume of water rolling over the huge sandbars creates our rapids ranging from 4-18ft standing waves!

Tidal Bore Rafting is a unique adventure found only in Nova Scotia. This adventure is for everyone! There is a lot of flexibility in the intensity of the trips. Bigger tides will produce bigger waves and faster water. Lower tides will produce smaller waves and the water is not moving quite as fast. No matter what size tide, the guide has full control of the zodiac, and can tailor the trip for you.

Raft the Shubenacadie tidal bore, top five Canadian experiences!

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Morgan MacDonald
Founder, Fundy Tidal Bore Adventures

Morgan has spent 17 years on the Shubenacadie River as a guide. The love of rafting will keep him doing it for many more years to come. On the off season, Morgan is a science and math teacher at the first nations community of Indian Brook.

Tide Schedule

Check out the tide schedule to find the time and size of tide best suited for you here.